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Jeff Smith has written and published 7 international best-selling books on KPI and Business Strategy. His book sales have outstripped all other authors in this field in history, which puts him on record as being the most successful author of all time and he's currently writing an additional 4 books which will all be released in 2019. He's not just an author, he's also one of the most well respected and sought-after motivational speakers and trainers in the world.

His client list reads like a who's who of global success. He's worked with several royal families, a string of the fortune 100 companies and he's made a complete series of television programmes on KPI for Sky TV. He's been interviewed on Dubai on Demand, Dubai one and number radio programmes. His reputation is such that he's often asked to become a mentor to people ranging from Main Board Directors to Government Ministers. 

Jeff Smith is highly respected the world over for his pioneering work with key performance indicators and his books are in use with tens of thousands of businesses, multiple Governments, multiple dignitaries and multiple Royal families. 


Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa - Governor of The Kingdom Of Bahrain
and first line member of the Royal family

Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa with The KPI Book



Here's a little background into the Jeff Smith himself.

After qualifying as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, he followed his passion to become a Professional Musician. He's been playing keyboards from an early age but after a few years of playing professionally, he gave up music and joined the automotive industry. 

Jeff adapted well to life inside a dealership and excelled by working his way through the ranks to become a Divisional Director of 10 franchised car dealerships. Overseeing car sales escalating over 8,000 units per year in this role, he's also had the experience of small family businesses and low volume sales to the fully corporate dealerships with high volume sales. After winning many awards, his skills didn't go unnoticed and he was head-hunted to join a consultancy company so that he could teach others how to reach higher levels of success. He was then very quickly contracted to major manufacturers in the United Kingdom to work as part of their teams.

Training delegates in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai asking questions about KPIAfter several years in this role, Jeff recognised there was a major piece of the jigsaw missing in terms of key performance indicators. He knew they existed in all of the manufacturers composite data, but he realised that whilst some Dealer Principals and department managers understood some of the KPI, there were huge gaping holes in knowledge and increasing operational performance was always going to be a challenge.

To help to combat this problem, Jeff set up his own company in 1999 called Insight Training & Development Ltd to help people understand KPI on a much wider and deeper basis than they ever had before. In addition to training, he had another idea that would later go on to revolutionise the whole world of KPI forever.


Beginning a new chapter in life
Just after starting his company, he had the idea of writing a book to help people to understand KPI because there was no central point of reference, there was nothing in place at all.There were only a couple of problems standing in the way... Jeff had no experience of writing, he had no idea how to create a book and he had absolutely no idea how to get a book published.

He shared his ideas for the book with people in the hope that he'd get some help and guidance. Sadly, he didn't get the response he'd been hoping for and his ideas fell on stoney ground. He couldn't find anyone to advise him on writing or publishing and his peers were saying things like: "That's a bad idea" , "a book like that will never sell", "no one will read it", "no one will buy it", "don't waste your time" . The negativity was relentless and no one offered any support. 

Jeff Smith inner beliefJeff still retained a very strong inner self-belief and an unerring determination to succeed. The one thing he knew was that if he was going to make his vision a reality, he would have to do it alone.

He firmly believed that some people would find such a book to be useful. He wasn't looking for fame and fortune, so he decided to write the book anyway because he wanted to contribute to the industry that had been so kind to him.

He believed that if he could get his book into the hands of 1,000 people, he will have made a difference to their businesses, their lives and their families lives, that would be payment enough.

Driven by his belief and passion of contribution, he decided to ignore the nay-sayers and he no longer shared his ideas for the book with anyone. Instead, he wrote down his goal with clarity and gave himself 1 year to write and publish his book.

He awoke most days at 2:00 am and went into his study where he would write until 7:00 am, he then continued with his full time job of training. As you can imagine, life wasn't easy and many sacrifices had to be made. The task was made more challenging because no such book had ever been written before and he struggled to find a way to write it in the way he had envisioned. He wrote the book and then he re-wrote it 7 times before he found the formula that worked and the layout that is in use today.

Upon completion of the book, his health declined quite badly. He was struggling with exhaustion, mental fatigue and the solitude of working on the whole project alone, Jeff completed his 1-year goal of writing and publishing his book and it had taken him a gruelling 364 days, but against all the odds, he did it.  

 The KPI Book by Jeff Smith the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business On 16 April, 2001, Jeff Smith published his 1st book. The KPI Book, the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business was released to the world (well, to be honest, it was only released to a few people in the UK)

Prior to the publication of the book, Jeff made a mock-up and he showed it to a few clients. The response was overwhelming and he sold 500 copies before it was even released and his target of 1,000 books was now firmly in sight and possible even before it came into print. 

Shortly after the official publication, the book went global and received the very highest critical acclaim from industry leaders all around the world. His peers were now calling it "a work of genius" and the book was affectionately given the name of "The bible for the automotive industry". Jeff's target to sell 1,000 copies had been well and truly smashed and book sales ran into tens of thousands of copies. The book was indeed making a difference to peoples lives just as he had planned. This edition remain in print until 2014.


Undeterred and unphased by all the rejection he received from everyone in the planning and writing of his book, Jeff continued to find a way to make things work by himself and despite having all the odds being firmly stacked against him, he has become one of the most respected and most successful self-published Authors of all time.  

Jeff Smith signing copies of The KPI Book for the delegates attending "The Paradigm Shift" conference.
Jeff was the main speaker for Porsche Latin America in 2013

The nay-sayers had been silenced and all the hard work and dedication that Jeff had put into his work had paid off, but he wasn't content at leaving things there because there's so much more to come.


Jeff Smith how to make more profit with your service department  service department KPI book On 26 May, 2003, he published his 2nd book. How To Make More Profit With Your Service Department, the ultimate guide to understanding the operational efficiencies of your business. After spending a number of years conducting training, Jeff knew that one of the biggest weaknesses was the correct understanding of the Service Department and how to make a positive difference. 

This book also received critical acclaim because for the first time ever, not only were the KPI definitions fully explained, but there are more than 100 best-practice ideas an how to improve operational performance. Needless to say, it very quickly became a #1 best-seller. This book still remains in print today and continues to improve businesses all over the world.





Le Manuel des KPI by Jeff SmithAs Jeff became more and more respected and well-known for his training all over the world, there was greater demand for his work to be translated. On 9 June 2005, Jeff  published his 3rd book in French. Les Manuel Des KPI, le meilleur guide pour comprendre les indicateurs clés de votre enterprise. He worked with translator, Daniel Mercier who was at the time a main board Director of Renault Trucks in France.

Jeff needed someone who could not only translate, but who also knew how to translate to the industry with a meaningful understanding of what was being translated. The book was an outstanding success and remained in print until 2014 with copies being sold all over the world, especially to the French-speaking colonies in the Caribbean and Canada.





Management accounts made easy by Jeff SmithOn 26 January, 2009, Jeff published his 4th book. Management Accounts Made Easy, the ultimate guide to understanding the financial information of your business. After the world economy collapsed in June 2008, Jeff was seeing businesses going bust because they didn't have the right information in place and their financial information was not presented in a way that it needed to be in order for managers to make meaningful decisions. 

Jeff wrote this book in 30 days and it is today the #1 leading publication for making it easy for Accountants and Managers to communicate with each other so that performance can be improved in the workplace. it also shows the correct layout of financial information so that the correct KPI can be generated with accuracy. This book has been called "The manual for company survival" by Professor Garel Rhys CBE.




The KPI Book second edition by Jeff Smith, the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your businessOn 9 June 2014, Jeff published his 5th book. The KPI Book Second Edition, the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business. A this stage, Jeff had created various brand new concepts with KPI and wanted to share them with the world. he also took a major step forwards and provided the scientific evidence for establishing the benchmarks for the worlds key performance indicators. For the first time ever, the world was united in their measurements because the science has been uncovered and was irrefutable. He announced The KPI Book First Edition to be obsolete and conducted a full and complete re-write for this second edition. 

It remained in the public domain and in print until 17 September, 2018. 




Close More Deals by Jeff Smith. The ultimate guide to winning more customers, increasing sales and making more profit. Sales Process KPIOn 5 August 2017, Jeff published his 6th book. Close More Deals, the ultimate guide to winning more customers, increasing sales and making more profit. Yet again, Jeff created another world first by collating everything in the sales process into one place for a single point of reference. 

This book achieved critical acclaim for looking at the science behind human behaviour to understand how people make decisions to buy things and then matching up this evidence with a scientific sales process to align sales people with their customers much more effectively. 

This book has reach outside of the automotive industry to revolutionise how the art of selling is maximised together with customer satisfaction.




The KPI Book Third Edition, the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your businessOn 17 September 2018, Jeff published his 7th book. The KPI Book Third Edition, the ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business.  

This edition has double the content of the First Edition and sees the inclusion of a whole new section on Sales Process and yet again, Jeff has created some ground-breaking new concepts that were eluding the automotive industry. Now for the first time the KPI and its evidence is provided for Workshop loading, Advisor Efficiency, Technicians Speed and it also provide for the Bodyshop together with revised benchmarks on other areas. This book really is the ultimate edition to beat all others. 




Delegates the world over take great delight in training with Jeff Smith and owning his books
which have a very special place in history

Jeff Smith graduation with The KPI Book



The Journey Continues

Jeff Smith on stage delivering a powerful message at a conferenceJeff Smith is in very high demand as a Motivational Speaker and Trainer. His book sales have already exceeded 100,000 copies and he's cited as the most successful author in history on KPI and business strategy.

His teachings and methods are not limited to the automotive industry, he speaks at conferences and conducts training all over the world for many different businesses and industries.

He's currently writing another 4 pioneering new books simultaneously which are due for release in 2019. 

If you have any questions about Jeff Smith, his many books or you want to find out more about him as a Motivational Speaker or Trainer, you can visit these links:

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Jeff Smith Motivational Speaker
Jeff Smith International Trainer
The Jeff Smith Centre Of Excellence



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