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Motivation is an inside job - Written and read by Jeff Smith




Jeff Smith reads this short inspirational poem called "The Guy In The Glass"

Jeff recites this poem at some of his selected and specific motivational keynote speeches on KPI and Business Management.
Following his signature talks, he's always asked for a copy of this poem because it moves so many people in so many different ways.
The message is clear... when you look yourself in the mirror, you can't fool yourself.

Jeff has recorded this motivational poem for you together with the script so you can get every word correct because so many people get it wrong.
The Guy in the Glass was written by Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr. in 1934. It was published in the American magazine at that time and the copyright was assigned.

The poem has become also known, incorrectly, as "The Man in the Glass" or sometimes, "The Man in the Mirror"

So what does the word "Pelf" actually mean? It a noun and means "money, especially when gained in a dishonest or dishonourable way."
The poem here is the exact poem written by Dale Wimbrow and it does not have any substitutions nor misquotations, this is exactly how it was written. 



When people tell you it cannot be done, remember, they're providing you with their limitations, not yours


When things are moving in the wrong direction, you don't need motivation to speed things up, you need education to turn things around


Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it


Blame is the sibling of failure, accepting responsibility is the parent of success


Amateurs practise until they get it right, professional practise until they can't get it wrong


you haven't come this far, just to come this far


Don't fear failure, instead think about what will happen if you don't take action


If youy believe you can do it, you'll see opportunities, I you believe you can't do it, you'll see obstacles


KPI are not designed to measure people



Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction says Jeff Smith



Great leader have the desire to achieve great things


You're either working on your own goals or your part of someone else's


Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration


It's now where you are that make s difference, it's what you do


recognising and rewarding progress is much more fruitful that awaiting perfection


We learn from failure, not success


The past is for reference, not residence - inspirational meme by Jeff Smith


You're never ready, just get started


covid-19 In your rush to return back to normal


Becoming a motivational speaker


Setting goals


the survival of the fittest meme


the only constant is change


we can't solve our problems with the same thinking that created them


those who say it cannot be done


accept your challenges with open arms, it's changes your motivation


what's the difference between success and failure


Measure the right things in the right way with KPI


success is failure inside out


When you're going through hell, keep going


When you want to achieve something important

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